This campaign matters because people should have sovereignty over their food and their food choices. If people of a country do not want to support factory farms in the US, we should respect that choice. Currently, many countries have bans on importing factory farmed meat. This ensures that the…Read More

The TPP would end all environmental, food safety and water quality regulations. Our air, land, and water would be fouled and we would have…Read More

Stop Trade Deals that Threaten Food Sovereignty

Nelson Mandela: It always seems impossible until it's done! Always.

Stop Trade Deals that Threaten Food Sovereignty

I signed because we have a duty to voice our opinion on anything that matters to us personally and collectively. How can we make a difference in the world if we don't speak up?

Moez thank you, I signed up because the cause is noble, as long as we pay attention to our lives and the lives of others as well as those of future generations

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