Please sign our petition asking the Food & Drug Administration to reserve "natural" claims for foods that are produced without the use of genetic engineering.

Would you be shocked to learn that the corn in the "all natural" tortilla chips you just bought had been genetically engineered to produce a toxin that ruptures the intestines of insects? Causing them to die quickly after ingesting the corn? Or that the corn in the "100% natural" cereal flakes you just served your kids for breakfast had been saturated with far more glyphosate than any normal plant would be able to tolerate? Because the corn was engineered to resist Monsanto's RoundUp herbicide?

 The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) says "natural" means "nothing artificial or synthetic … has been included in, or has been added to, a food that would not normally be expected to be in the food." So who would guess that food marketed as "natural" contains the engineered genes of insecticide-producing and/or herbicide-resistant bacteria? 

So far the FDA has dodged the question of whether or not food companies are lying to customers when they say their product is "natural" even though it contains genetically engineered ingredients. But with the courts facing a barrage of lawsuits from consumers furious that food companies have been allowed to hide GMOs in popular "natural" brands, the FDA is being asked to weigh in.

Given that the FDA's Deputy Commissioner for Foods is none other than Monsanto's former lawyer, Michael Taylor, whose side do you think the FDA will take?

TAKE ACTION: Tell the FDA that GMOs Aren't "Natural"!

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