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Get Gm Os Off Your Back!

Getting rid of the monsanto products will only increase your health. read labels: checking for ingredients on the list of what goes into the product ie: cotton seed oil (GMO), wheat, corn, soy, all monsanto seeds..we must all read and get educated and not rely on the gov't. to keep us safe.. they only are legal theives that want your money and the money monsanto pays to keep them quiet et al: (and others)ie: Dow, DuPont, etc: it is very easy to tell your grocer you won't buy garbage from them any more and if there is no labelling you will shop at the local farm markets for your items. It may cost a bit more but the health of your family is worth it and in some cases the farm markets are cheaper, the more you shop the cheaper it will be. The bottom line is it is time for the people to protect themselves and bypass all the corruption in higher gov't.

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