When their shantytowns are threatened with mass eviction, three ‘young lions’ of South Africa’s new generation rise from the shacks and take their government to the highest court in the land, putting the promises of democracy to the test. This film came out a year ago. But forced evictions are a major problem worldwide. And they affect the poorest communities. This year, Dear Mandela will screen in shantytowns around the world. Places where forced evictions happen regularly: Brazil, India, Haiti, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. 

The screenings will bring together local community leaders, public interest lawyers, and journalists to organize and strategize. It’s a two-year project. The goal is to organize activists, lawyers, and media to pressure local governments away from unconstitutional evictions, and toward fairer housing practices in urban settings worldwide. 

In partnership with: SERI, Amnesty, WITNESS, The Poverty Initiative, The Center for Constitutional Rights, and others. And grateful for the support from The Ford Foundation and Sundance. 

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