Got (Organic) Milk?

  • Update #11

There are plenty of reasons to boycott milk from factory farms. Beginning with your own health. Dairy cows raised on grass pastures produce milk that is higher in omega-3 fats, vitamin E, and beta-carotene than milk from cows raised on grain. Milk from…Read More

Whistleblowers as Criminals

  • Update #10

Witnessing and reporting animal abuse isn’t a crime. Except when it is, according to the upside-down reasoning of Colorado lawmakers . . . or lawmakers in states that have passed ag-gag laws designed to turn whistleblowers into criminals. Taylor Radig…Read More

How to Boycott Factory Farms

  • Update #9

There are plenty of reasons to boycott factory farms, including the top two: your health and animal welfare. But the big-picture reason is this. The only way to feed the world and restore climate stability is to end factory farming. Today’s food system,…Read More

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