Animals that a breed to eat have a right to a happy life and all should be free to eat sleep walk on grass and do what animals like to do that is the right thing to do with any animal that is going to be killed for you to eat I only ever would buy Sow free Pork or free range chickens and eggs for…Read More

Consciousness is in all.

We can stop this. Every person knows intuitively it is wrong. Animals need to be on farms where they can live their lives and not be treated as a commodity.

Animal lives matter. Take this out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Target specific factory "farms". Find out the specifics of what's…Read More

Eating meat is not a necessity, if you are going to eat it then please make sure it is NOT factory farmed!

What a cold, inhumane society we have allowed ourselves to become. Animals are Living Beings - as much part of "God" as are humans. They…Read More

11 Facts About Animals and Factory Farms

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  Text PUPPY to 38383 to join the fight against puppy mills. GO A factory farm is a large-scale industrial operation that houses thousands of animals raised for food—such as chickens, turkeys, cows, and pigs—and treats them with hormones and antibiotics to prevent disease and maximize their growth and food output.Animals are fed and sprayed with…Read More
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