This campaign really does matter both on grounds of animal welfare, moral issues and the safety of food. Animals that are mass produced live in cramped conditions and are stressed - therefore risk of disease if greater which in turn means they are given antibiotics which at the end of the food…Read More

Sick animals leads to sick people. Simple as that.

For starters ,factory farms are notoriously cruel to animals.
Secondly, the filthy conditions, the methods of feeding and treating animals are unhealthy and create food that is unfit for human consumption.
As far as fruits and vegetables are concerned, the toxic chemicals used to grow only…Read More

Because if you respect good food then you must respect where it came from. Unhappy death brings bad karma. Free range meat is healthier and you can feel good about supporting proper (ideally local) farmers who produced it well. Free range farming tend to use natural foods more - eg. grass -…Read More

Raising chickens on factory farm is when chickens are crowded into cages where they don't have room to lay down. They are frustrated so they fight easily with each other by pecking. The floor of the cage is wire so the excrement goes right through. They live their whole lives in the cage. This…Read More

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