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Virginia Dolar Salas

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Set Organic Chickens Free!

To improve the living conditions and health of the Organic Chickens and they can be an open field enabling them to eat grass seeds and insect worms which are better food for them than the chemically treated chicken feed. Given more space to walk around, makes the chickens have more cleaner and fresher air to breath than a crowded area inside the barn.

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Sherry Grady

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Set Organic Chickens Free!

Because I want to eat eggs that have all the nutrients that i can get,and when I pay top dollar for organic eggs I want the best product I can get. I believe in the small farmer and that they deserve a chance to develop their business and should not be penalized by big corporate agriculture,who are not really living up to standards.Big agribusiness does not play fair and we the consumers and mostly the animals deserve better than this. Big corporations need to play fair and stop abusing the laws.

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