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Personal Campaign

Virginia Salas

Virginia is gathering 10 signatures to

Set Organic Chickens Free!

To improve the living conditions and health of the Organic Chickens and they can be an open field enabling them to eat grass seeds and insect worms which are better food for them than the chemically treated chicken feed. Given more space to walk around, makes the chickens have more cleaner and fresher air to breath than a crowded area inside the barn.

Virginia's progress

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Personal Campaign

Krystal Echo

Krystal is gathering 13 signatures to

Set Organic Chickens Free!

I had chickens; two Rhode Island Reds and a Transylvania Naked Neck. I raised them all from baby chicks, but had a special fondness for Peep Peep, the Naked Neck. When I got Her from a local feed store, my original thought was to scare my mother by telling Her it was a baby vulture. If you've ever seen a Naked Neck you'll know why I came up with this idea. Anyway, as Peep Peep got bigger, I built a personal hen house with a nice high perch for Her in the backyard. There was a big yard for Her to roam in and a gate to keep Her safe. The other two hens had a separate hen house built for them. They roamed in the day and slept in their houses at night. One morning, on a day off from school, I was awakened by the most awful squawking! What was wrong? I ran out to see what horrible end my chicken was coming to when to my surprise Peep Peep was laying an egg! I'd only seen chicken eggs at the grocery store until then, being from the city. I never really thought about where the stores got the eggs, which in turn, made me think about how many chickens it would take to lay a whole carton of eggs in one day, which led to much more research. There was no Internet available for me, like there is today; so off to the library I went. I have always had a soft-boiled spot for chickens since my days with Peep Peep, so when I hear about chickens being couped up, so to speak, not allowed sunshine and fresh air, while they are slave-housed to lay eggs for us humans, it really ticks me off! This is why I support the campaign to set Organic Chickens Free! Please take a minute out of your day to sign this petition? Both the hens and your conscience will thank you the next time you have organic eggs!

Krystal's progress

1 signed
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