I care about what I eat and about what all of humanity eats, and we all deserve real food. I also care about the health of our ONLY home, planet Earth. If we do not take care of our beautiful home and keep destroying it, where are we going to go? It is time to act NOW and take care of our home!

For me the answer is simple, I have eaten more than enough chemicals in my life and do not want anymore, the only producers that can be trusted are the Organic suppliers. None of us can be sure what has happened to the food we eat, unless we have actually grown it ourselves.

The earth is our home...if we mistreat it we will all suffer; all of us...no one can hide. The planet runs in cycles...abuse will return.

Everybody needs to know what biologic and organig farming means for their lifes...

We need to get back to basic, to our original root and conservation. Applying the natural techniques and using our on natural resources as natural they are.

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