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Cook Organic, Not The Planet!

It should by now be clear to everyman and everywoman that the only way to have a responsible way of living, not just for us but for those that will come is to not deplete or destroy natural resources but to have a long term attitude and a defendable lifestyle that will not limit future generations to have lesser life conditions than what we have had, rather the opposite. Therefor act and live in accordance with natures principle – to never take more than can be produced by nature without genetic manipulation, insecticides, pesticides etc. , instead be a balanced and a longterm thinking and acting person – be a bio-organic cooperative member of the planet – cook and eat only the bio-organic way.

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Mariposa Aventurera

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Cook Organic, Not The Planet!

there is nothing better than eating what we know how it grows, where it grows and who help them growing, so we can start growing our own veggies and fruits in our gardens and if we dont have so.. then we can make a little space home where the sun comes in better, and grow them there, it doesnt have to be a big space.. just enough for your family needs, also try to get what you cant grow home... at places where you know they were not assaulted with pesticides....EAT MORE FRUITS, VEGGIES, GRAINS.. LESS PORK, BEEF, CHIKEN......" AND PLEASE EAT HONEY THIS IS THE LIFE NATURAL MEDICINE " THE RAW ONE........................

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