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Alexis Baden-Mayer
Alexis Baden-Mayer Campaign leader

What can we do about climate change? Eat organic.

Grass, Soil, Hope: How Organic Farming, Carbon Ranching, and Land Restoration Reverse Climate Change

For related articles and more information, please visit OCA's Organic Transitions page. I am very pleased to announce that my book Grass, Soil, Hope: a Journey through Carbon Country will be published by Chelsea Green Press in early June. I am equally pleased to announce that Michael Pollan has generously written a Foreword for my book. Here's a…Read More

"Organic farming, both large and small scale, is more productive than 'conventional' chemical-dependent farming. Organic farming is not…Read More

7 Ways Organic Farms Outperform Conventional Farms | Eartheasy Blog

Just a few generations ago, in the 1930’s, approximately 45% of Americans lived on farms. This demographic gradually but steadily declined as people migrated to urban centers, and over time, to suburbs. Today, only about 960,000 people claim farming as their principal occupation, which represents less than 1% of the US population. During the…Read More
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