this will help rid us of toxins in our food .

It is a risk to human beings, animals, and the Environment. It can cause chronic diseases. When bees and butterflies pollinate pesticided plants, they get infected and have high chance of death. Without bees, We would have only four years to live. So go organic! Don't buy unless it says 'ORGANIC'…Read More

It's about a love affair with life. Tilling the ground charging it with devinity and sowing the seeds of love.
Honoring all of life in all the forms often startling , annoying and even scary , we step with tender kindness into the fertile earth and in deep gratitude sing a song of life . When we…Read More

go organic

Go Organic!

A veg and fruit, canning by people that have a small stand to sell their organic produce on their small urban piece of land.…Read More

Go Organic!
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