I have managed to avoid chemo for my Leukemia by going organic. It has helped improve my blood count and to reduce the virulent cells in my blood stream and bone marrow. It has amazed my onocologist.

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Organic fruits and vegetables are flavorful. You can tell the difference between store bought regular fruit and vegetables vs organic fruit and vegetables. It has been proven that organic fruits and vegetables provide more nutrients. The value out ways the expense I believe.

One day people will be growing vegetables and fruit underground, in secret, just to be able to eat right. Might as well start digging now!! Carol Seiler South Africa

I have survived 5 years after excision of a brain tumour, mostly due to the skill of the medical team and the fact that I was diagnosed early.
Unlike other cancers, there is no remission after 5 years, so I need to be careful about what I put in my body.

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