CCTV needs to be installed as a matter of urgency everywhere.  

Video footage that emerges from processing plants / slaughter houses / abattoirs often show workers showing complete disregard for the suffering they inflict. It is as though these animals are mere objects and that they are there for their enjoyment to torture them.

If this sort of behaviour was witnessed in general public, there’d be a huge outcry. The purpose of our group is to: call for mandatory CCTV monitoring at all  abattoirs / slaughter houses / processing plants and Factory farms after distressing footage keeps emerging from these hell holes where innocent animals are seen to be bashed, kicked and stomped upon by uncaring and inhumane workers.

CCTV acts as a deterrent to workers who may mistreat animals.  

CCTV also provides a legally filmed recording to prosecute workers who do so.  With ongoing undercover footage surfacing of animals abused in Worldwide abattoirs, factory farms and piggeries, MANY caring citizens are looking for solutions!   Help us be a voice for these defenseless animals as we push for the installation of CCTV in all abattoirs, factory farms and piggeries. CCTV ideally will be monitored by independent authorities, and is relatively affordable to implement. 


In loving memory of Nature's Child - the Australian ex- racehorse who was brutally slaughtered at Laverton Knackery in Victoria Australia in November 2012.



MARCH 2013 UPDATE! Victoria Australia.

LAVERTON KNACKERY! - RSPCA in Victoria will not be pressing charges!

UPDATE...WARNING...VIDEO (2012) LINK INCLUDED in the updated story..

and it is very distressing viewing! 

VIEW with caution...animal cruelty +++

You can help save more horses from suffering at Laverton Knackery. 


Please also sign the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses' petition, calling for the horse racing industry to establish a real retirement plan for horses:



CCTV - We demand CCTV in all Australian abattoirs and factory farms.

PETITION>> please sign and share.


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