Factory Farms do not care about animals. They treat them as things, whether they are producing eggs, milk or meat. Because it is a factory they can not be mindful about the health of these creatures, so they bring in Big Pharma. Consequently conditions for mass producing food are making things…Read More

This is our food, these our animals and they should be cared for. I do eat meat and always buy grass feed and organic meat and eggs. Why would I want to put fearful toxic meat in my body.
Also these animals are living breathing beings. It breaks me heart to see what they go through.
i am out raged…Read More

Mahalo A Nui Loa Ruthy...you & me grew up knowing right from wrong...Ranches & Farms are right Factories are WRONG...Straight Up...the factory is the lazy ass way...the Ranch & Farm is hard work, but it comes with a BIG TIME BLESSING!!! I never regretted my Ranch Life...Fence Gang was…Read More

Factory Farming is just wrong & for our Country not to raise food for self support is worse putting our people in a precarious situation. "Mad Cow" came out of Factory Ranching & experimentation...t's unsafe for our people & unnatural...
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I am passionate about animals and all living things. Humans think we are the superior race on this planet, but we are not. Those poor animals are living breathing beings with feelings and have a right to be treated with respect. To think most people consume their flesh, not realising that they…Read More

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