Stop cruelty animals, the animals is the most beautiful creatures. In the world God give a man the most beautiful creature to be happiness and support. There aré some people in this world dont have love.

This is bigger than animal rights
This is a threat to democracy. Doesn't anyone remember Thomas Jefferson's view on upholding state's rights? A yoyo from Iowa has no right dictating how other states manage their agriculture.


i truly believe that every man and woman of Good Will should speak up for this....and for all the suffering that is going on right now....i deeply believe that one of the ways to changing this World is in taking action.
i call everyone to open their heart to this cause as it is truly…Read More

Naturally reared food is better for the animals and better for our bodies. Consumers CAN control the way our foods are processed. Use your purchase power, buy free range organic, if it's not available, demand it. Or go organic vegetarian. If noone buys factory farmed meat, it won't be feaseable to…Read More

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