I believe that the government, FBI, CIA and NTSB are covering up something. That something could be an error on their part that they are unwilling to publicly release, it could be a terrorist attack or any number of things.

It is sad that we support our government and many serve with their lives…Read More

New York Times review of "TWA Flight 800" documentary highlights the strides made in getting to the truth and the challenges that remain.

‘TWA Flight 800’ Examines a 1996 Tragedy

Plenty of people were unconvinced by the official explanation for the explosion of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island 17 years ago, which killed 230 people. And not all of the skeptics have been willing to let go of their unease as time has gone by. On Epix on Wednesday, the anniversary of the crash, some of the more credible doubters take their…Read More

I found myself in charge of the security team landslide at Paris Charles de Gaulle that morning. Trying to spot family members before the press and get them to safety, while managing the effects of striking security personnel picketing check-in and the waiting passengers expecting to fly out on the…Read More

Down to one day in knowing if NTSB will listen to all of us and reopen this TWA plane crash case, I lost my bio father and 16 year old brother that I had planned to meet in this crash. Over the years I have met many others that also wished that their loved ones could come back home to them.…Read More

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