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Personal Campaign

Richard McManus

Richard is gathering 10 signatures to

Get Truth And Accountability For Twa Flight 800 Plane Crash

By chance a friend of mine and I made contact with a confidential informant (human source) that alleged he/she was asked by the FBI to investigate the wreckage of TWA flight 800 for evidence to determine whether or not of explosives caused the jet to crash. This person said he/she found irrefutable scientific evidence that explosives were used to bring down this jet. Furthermore she/he said he/she was paid off by the FBI to keep silent about this discovery based on his/her expertise. This source also claimed that the FBI also required him/her not to work anymore in his/her expert field for the next ten years, and the FBI would pay him/her what he/she would have earned therein. This source said other experts agreed explosives caused the crash. Aug 2012: Against just by chance, I ran into another source, a Boeing engineer, who says he was told by the CIA not to discuss what he really thinks happened to TWA 800. Brigadier General Ben Partin, USAF, a US Air Force expert in explosive munitions also agrees a missile brought down TWA 800. Dick McManus Chief Warrant Officer/counterintelligence special agent, US Army, and combat paramedic, Vietnam, retired,

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Personal Campaign

Susan Parry Trechak

Susan is gathering 10 signatures to

Get Truth And Accountability For Twa Flight 800 Plane Crash

Despite its apocalyptic nature and the lengthy NTSB investigation that followed, the true facts regarding the crash of TWA Flight 800 remain hidden. We as citizens need to get first-person access to those facts now. That the facts were concealed and the story altered is clear to most. We want to identify the beneficiaries of these fraudulent undertakings. Significant eyewitness accounts (including video recordings taken by the same) prove the official government determination to be false. There's no sense in pursuing the government's false line when overwhelming first-person evidence is known and proves otherwise. We expect full disclosure of all the facts now. With this petition, We the People have the power to override all barriers to full disclosure. As citizens, I implore each of you to act on your civic duty by signing this petition now. Thank you. Your signature is greatly appreciated by many.

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Personal Campaign

Pete Taylor

Pete is gathering 20 signatures to

Get Truth And Accountability For Twa Flight 800 Plane Crash

I believe that the government, FBI, CIA and NTSB are covering up something. That something could be an error on their part that they are unwilling to publicly release, it could be a terrorist attack or any number of things. It is sad that we support our government and many serve with their lives while the government in return covers up truths about life changing events. It is our right as citizens to know these truths and not be lied to. I'm a mechanical engineering junior at Iowa State University and through my studies I have learned a lot about the sciences and mathematics. After reviewing the documentary and petition report, I can tell you that I truly believe these findings. For example, the CIA stated in the nationally televised video back in the 90's that the planes nose came off after an internal explosion and then the plane rose in the air for an additional climb in altitude. Well, I can tell you that this theory is physically impossible. Planes without a nose traveling at accelerating velocities will either stall immediately due to a center of mass imbalance or break apart due to the material structure passing its yield stress (breaking point). The plane can not climb without a nose structure sustaining the aerodynamics of the body. I hope many others will join in this fight to have this case reopened. I have done my part and have posted a thorough facebook post asking others. I will also be speaking of this verbally to others. Peter J. Taylor 30 years old Ames, IA

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