BSL is out of control in so many countries worldwide.

Have you got a Staffy? or any other breed that might resemble a PitBull?

Many other breeds are getting unfairly seized and then killed just for looking like a restricted breed.

Are you worried that your own dog might end up an innocent victim one day?

Well should be!

A classic example of BSL gone wrong is - LENNOX. The poor dog that was seized in Northern Ireland. Lennox was not a restricted breed of dog. He had committed no crime, and yet they seized him, kept him a prisoner for a few years then killed him. Lennox will never be forgotten by the thousands of supporters he has worldwide. RIP dear Lennox xox

Closer to home here in Australia we have quite a few dogs that have been killed due  to BSL.

RIP Bear and Kooda for example.

Dougie, Rocket and Kerser are all fighting for their lives right now.

KERSER has had a 14 day repreive from deathrow.

Monash Council seized this puppy last December 2012. Kerser has committed no crime other than to be deemed a restricted breed, and he wasnt registered at the time of seizure.


HEAD: "I was satisfied that from every angle the shape of Kerser's head was that of a blunt wedge and compliant in this respect with the standard."

MUZZLE: "Although Ms Harwood gave evidence that the muzzle was not broad and deep because the skull was too long for this to be the case, I did not agree with her observations."

EYES: "I found the eyes to be round. I did not agree with Ms Harwood's evidence that the eyes were of "oriental appearance".

NECK: "I disagreed with the observations of Ms Harwood that Kerser has a thick short neck. I found the neck to be of moderate length with significant strength."

BODY: "My observations of Kerser were of a powerfully built dog with a deep chest of moderate width. I disagreed with the evidence given by Ms Harwood that he was long in leg and slight in body."

CONCLUSION: "I am satisfied that Kerser readily meets the description of a pit bull in the standard ... He may not be a perfect example of a pit bull. 

However such a dog probably does not exist."— Deputy President Heather Lambrick, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

FREE KERSER facebook page>>

Please follow Rockets case as well :-)


You can send a direct message to Premier Napthine as well:

Premier Dr Denis Napthine is a vet by profession and the Australian Veterinary Association is AGAINST BSL.'s-proposed-dangerous-dog-legislation

Are you concerned about restricted dog breeds?

For more information regarding the genetic identification of restricted dog breeds (including Pit Bulls) in Australia....

FYI - For more information regarding the genetic identification of restricted dog breeds (including Pit Bulls) in Australia.

Please go and give your support to her owner.

CLEO is being kept at Geelong Animal Welfare! Her fate in unknown.

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