Justice for Cabela.. 

Skamania County Sheriff's deputies arrived to the home of 45-year-old Christopher Dillingham, who operates Thundershack Fireworks, after 911 calls came in about an explosion of some sort.

According to Oregon Live, when deputies responded to Dillingham's property, they found the body of the dog, whose head had been blown off.

Dellingham is said to have told the authorities that he was preparing for "the rapture," and that the dog had been killed because his ex-girlfriend had "put the devil in it."

Amazingly, though the dog was killed in a decidedly heinous fashion, the man believed to be responsible is not facing animal cruelty charges because the Skamania County Sheriff's Office does not feel that the dog suffered because he was killed instantly.

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Link: http://www.examiner.com/article/man-accused-of-blowing-up-dog-and-he-is-not-facing-animal-cruelty-charges

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Individuals who are concerned over the lack of animal cruelty charges can direct their inquiries "politely" to:

1/ Skamania County prosecutor: 

Adam Kick: [email protected]

phone 509-427-3796, fax 509-427-3798

2/ Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Yarden Weidenfeld - [email protected]

3/ Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Daniel McGill - [email protected]

4/ Dave Cox Undersheriff

Skamania County Sheriff's Office


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