Prosecute the killer of Kansas City's Beloved Deer of Elmwood Cemetery.

To: KCMO Mayor Sly James, 3rd District Councilman Jermaine Reed, KCPD Chief Darryl Forte’, City Prosecutor Lowell Gard

We, the undersigned, are respectfully asking for the full prosecution of Phoenix M. Vankirk for the unlawful killing of beloved Ella the deer at Elmwood Cemetery in Kansas City Missouri. 

We ask that Ordinances and Laws be enforced in the city of Kansas City Missouri, such as Sec. 50-263 and Sec. 14-17 and any other unlawful acts that apply in this wanton senseless killing. We also ask that Vankirk be given the maximum penalties allowed upon conviction. 

We feel it’s a travesty that Vankirk was only cited by the Missouri Dept. of Conservation for shooting a deer out of season with a mere fine of just $299.50 plus cost. 

This is inadequate and justice has not been served.


ELLA was a tame Deer and a well loved member of the local community.

Ella lived within the Elmwood Cemetery grounds a place she had called home since her birth.

This innocent loving Deer was killed by Mr Phoenix M. Vankirk.

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LINK TO MR VANKIRK'S probable cause statement.


Jean Peters Baker - Prosecutor

For general questions, please contact the office at 816-881-3555

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