I am starting this campaign in attempt to help a small group of people who are trying to raise the funds to start up their own 501 (c) non-profit organization that will be a referral service and rescue/sanctuary for homeless, abandoned, abused and tortured cats and/or kittens. The objective for her 501 (c) non-profit organization is to be a no-kill feline shelter, adoption center and informational/referral services to pet owners who need assistance.  Not only will this service provide the rehabilitation aspect for the felines rescues and fosters, but also provide pet education and referrals to pet owners in order for them to have the necessary resources to increase the amount of responsible pet owners. The founder believes that if her organization could educate and assist pet owners with the necessary tools, it could decrease the amount of homeless pets brought to the shelter or "dumped off" at farms out of ignorance. This organization plans to rescue felines in need and put them up for adoption after they have properly been rehabilitated.  Every feline will be given a second chance at life as opposed to high volume shelters where euthanasia is a common, daily practice. The 501(c) paperwork has being filed, but they must raise the necessary funds in order to pay for the process to be complete.  She has tried small fundraisers, but has been unable to be successful in raising the necessary funds for this organization due to not being able to reach a large scale of people making smaller donations.  As everyone is aware, non-profit organizations struggle without public donation in this economy.  

The founder of this organization, Carol Molina, began her passion for rescuing these felines while residing in Baltimore, Maryland 5 years ago.  She now has moved her passion to the countryside in an area in Pennsylvania where these services are desperately needed. She has re-homed over 200 cats and/or kittens just last summer and over 2,000 in the past 5 years.  When rescuing sick and abandoned animals; the money can quickly add up. Most of these cats or kittens are infested with parasites and illnesses that is easily cured with veterinary care, but the veterinary care on a larger scale, can be overwhelmingly expensive.   Along with medical care that can be costly with rescuing the cats/kittens, the organization also needs the funds to be able to provide food, litter, flea/tick treatment and medications. When dealing with cats in a large amount, you must also keep their environment sanitary in order to keep diseases from spreading.  Carol spends everyday scooping litter, sanitizing the cats living areas, bottle-feeding formula to orphaned kittens and administering medications to the rescued cats/kittens in order to nurse them back to health.  

In all of the years that I have been doing rescue work, I have never seen someone as dedicated to helping rescue the these cats/kittens from the worst situations imaginable.  She has even put her life at risk in the rough neighborhoods of nearby cities in order to rescue these poor babies.  No single feline life is looked at as a number or statistic in Carol's eyes. Carol does everything possible in saving each rescue. I know that any donation that is given towards assisting with the start-up of the 501 (c) or continued care of the cats she is currently helping, will go 100% towards giving these unfortunate felines a chance at a second life.  Together, we can help support the people who the world needs more of, in order to make a positive difference in this world.  

Every bit counts, If you would like to make a donation, please mail a check or money order made payable to: Carol Molina

You may send the donation to: 

1482 Clayoma Avenue

York, PA 17408-8889

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