Erica Lee

I am a proud owner of two Pitbull mixes. I saved both of my pups from a dog hoarder who let her dogs roam free and attack each other at…Read More

end Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and abuse

end Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and abuse

When my friend sent me a text message with Pebble's picture, saying that he needed a loving home, I knew we had to have him right away. He…Read More

end Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and abuse
Rebecca Corry
Rebecca Corry Campaign leader

FINALLY some GREAT NEWS!!! Maryland just may be catching on! Lets keep on top of this campaign. Change IS possible if we do it together. …Read More

Huge Win For Maryland Pit Bull Advocates

The Huffington Post
Pit bull advocates won a big victory in Maryland last week, when a county with a breed ban was ordered to return a disabled woman's service dog. But while Daniella Guglieimi -- partially paralyzed from having polio as a child -- and her big gray dog named Storm have been reunited, the fight to end Prince George's County's breed ban altogether…Read More

This is one of the most Idiotic laws ever ! Dogs are NOT the Problem ! It's People who ABUSE these dogs ! I have had Pit Bulls for 11 years,and Not once have they bitten or harmed anyone ! My dogs are Family members and I Love them ! BSL is Bull Shit Laws ! STOP the Insanity,END BSL !!

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