BSL is wrong. It is based on breed and not behavior. Please help end BSL all over the world. Start in you own community. The Best Friends Conference Training held in Jacksonville FL last month has contact people that will help you after you start an anti BSL petition , secure your…Read More

We need to stop categorizing breeds and take each animal for their own personality as there are good and bad in every breed and there are no bad dogs just bad people that abuse and neglect them.

It is most important it is not about the Breed- it is about the Human that trains it and cares for it. It is the Rotten Humans that beat and perform cruel acts on these beautifully loyal dogs that should be thrown in jail and or suffer the same that they inflict on the animals. Please stop the…Read More

Because Pit bulls get a bad rap. Like all dogs, if you raise them right and treat them well they will be loving and loyal. This all depends on the owners; many train them to be mean and to fight. All dogs deserve a chance regardless of the breed. All dogs are good; it's the people who ruin them and…Read More

They have so much love to give. My daughter has one and he is a big baby. Thinks he is a lap dog at 103lbs. And all he wants his you love like any other dog out there.

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