they are the best friend..

end Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and abuse

It only takes one dog of a breed affected by BSL for you to become attached to and really SEE and experience that not all dogs are created…Read More

end Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and abuse

When my family went to the animal shelters to adopt a dog, upwards of 90% of the dogs were pitbull or pitbull mix. We visited three shelters and it was all the same! Because we rent, we are not allowed to adopt a pitbull mix. The breed specific law makes adopting out pitbulls difficult. I have seen…Read More

I am very tired about the bad rap these dogs are getting, because of the ignorant people who are mistreating them and using them for their own benefit, to prosper, which has been a negative for these poor dogs!!!!!....I have relatives who own these dogs and have no problem taking care of them,…Read More

To be inspired to make sure that their pit bull type dog is well-socialized, well-behaved and is not harm to other living things and then…Read More

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