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Maria Caterina Fiocca-Nunez

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End Abuse, Discrimination & Save The Lives Of Pit Bull Types

Hi my name is Maria Nunez. About 2 years ago my husband and I wanted a puppy we were going back and forth and I always loved pitbulls I didn't know much about them but I read horror stories both bad, sad and just straight up scary stories. I started doing research on the breed, books, talking to different folks who were owners and just kept looking for every ounce of info I could get. I was a bit nervous about the bull because I listen to the media and I admit I was ignorant. A friend of mine asked me if I would like one of her pups, she was not a back yard breeder just a women who owned a pitty and met her boyfriend owned a pitty and it was a oppsie!!! The lady is in a wheel chair and to make a long story short her baby had 8 pups she screened the prospective owners and if they were planning on fighting the dogs or didn't meet the requirements she was looking for to take care of the puppy they would not get one. We spoke a lot almost everyday after the babies were born I also joined a world wide Pitbull group I honestly learned so much from my group and the owner of the pups was wonderful. Our decision was made and we were going to be bully parents we named him Zeus he was a beautiful healthy lil guy. I was reading stories on Mr Mike Vick n how his dogs were beat, starved, tortured, fought, electrocuted, drowned all I can do was cry. Our Zeus came to live with us in August 2012 he joined our two cats Onyx and Gigi. He was a little tiny bugger but we could see he was going to have a huge personality. Yes he was stubborn with his potty training yes he was stubborn walking on a leash but with time and patience he learned where the potty was and how we expected him to walk on a leash. He was your normal puppy loved chewing shoes and the more expensive the tastier they were to him. My husband and I were consistent and used our command words and he started understanding NO MEANT NO. He was rewarded for his good behavior. In 3 months Zeus will be 2 yrs old and he is the best dog we ever owned. Loyal, Caring, so loving and loves to give Kisses to everyone. On his walks he likes to say hello to all the puppies and he tries to sneak kisses a lot of ignorant people will look at Zeus n walk the other way or make stupid comments about oh my God he is a Pitbull he is a monster. We recently moved in with my parents and they have a pug. Well Louie the pug is the dominate dog and he tries to pick fights with Zeus. My Zeusy looks at him and says in his sweet talk go ahead buddy have fun. Zeus has a amazing personality and our vet is amazed at how good he is. He does suffer seperation anxiety from my husband and myself but my folks adore him and keep him happy. Zeus is the biggest bed hog you will ever meet. I trust him 100% and know his personality in and out. So many bullies out there are not as luck to have a forever home and I want to be a voice for them. If I can save one bully I would feel accomplished if I can save every single Pitbull out there I would. People fear the breed but it's the monsters behind the leash who need to be punished. The shelters are full of pits and it's so sad. Anyone who does have the pleasure of meeting my lil bubba just fall in love with him. These dogs are so smart and loyal to their family if I can say or do anything to make people not afraid. Any dog can turn and be nasty it's the environment they live in and no it's not in their blood lines such as the bull that is so not true!!! Please help me be a voice for these mis understood dogs and join me with my campaign. I was clueless before and lacked so much info on the Pitbull. All I know is my Zeus is a lover and his fellow brothers and sisters deserve a chance.

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Cara Hanline Silva

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End Abuse, Discrimination & Save The Lives Of Pit Bull Types

There is definitely no doubt that this beautiful breed has gotten a bad rap. Sadly, those that own and truly know the love and loyalty of their dogs are drowned out by the horrific stories of those that have been mistreated and attacked. Just as there are a few bad apples in every bunch I believe that those would have been saved too if only the pickers/owners had paid attention, nurtured and loved them as they deserved. Trying to ban a breed will not get rid of the sick and twisted owners that abused and tortured them until they attacked. Thousands of people own and love their bully breeds and I AM ONE OF THEM. Please don't take that away

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