The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to saving "Pitbull type dogs" (Pibbles) through live events, positive education, entertainment and advocating. We don’t believe there are limits to advocating. We embrace new ways, new programs, new thinking and are committed to empowering others to do the same until the needless abuse and discrimination against our beautiful breed ends. The Foundation supports Pitbull rescues around the country, educational programs and continues to help other dedicated groups in the animal community as well as individuals and severe cases who need our help. We speak out against reckless and irresponsible hate speech against "Pitbull type dogs." We speak the truth and proudly stand with other forward thinking doers who too believe there is no place in our society for abuse and discrimination and demand it ends.  
We believe what is happening to "Pitbull type dogs" is not just an animal issue but very much a direct reflection of a broken society thus making it EVERYONE’s problem. The Stand Up For Pits Foundation are members of the animal community but we are members of society first and feel a responsibility as members of society to make our communities safe for humans and pets.  

“Abuse and discrimination is wrong. Whether the abused and discriminated has two legs or four, it is wrong.” -Rebecca Corry



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