Rebecca Corry
Rebecca Corry Campaign leader

Great new article out TODAY about the PIBBLE march on Washington. Read it. Love it. Share it. Repeat steps 1-3. #betheirvoice

First Ever National Rally for Pit Bulls Planned in 2014 on Capitol Hill

One Green Planet
It’s always a struggle to adopt out any animal, but pit bull terriers and dogs that “look” like pit bulls have an especially difficult time. They’re often misunderstood because for far too long they have been labeled as “dangerous dogs,” which is simply dead wrong. The truth about pit bulls A number of factors can influence one dog’s, or…Read More
STAND UP FOR PITS Campaign leader

Kaley Cuoco is an honorary board member of the Stand Up For Pits Foundation and has hosts the LA event every year. A PIBBLE mom and…Read More

Lauren Eva

This is Gauge, for those of you who know already know him. I adopted him in March of 2012 at the Humane Society of Lebanon County. Words…Read More

end abuse, discrimination & save the lives of pit bull types

Itchy and Scratchy were placed in a dumpster like trash in a cat crate after both of them were almost starved, full of manage and had their…Read More

end abuse, discrimination & save the lives of pit bull types

This is the most meaningful subject I've been apart of. I have 7 rescue pit bulls, they are all loving, loyal & friendly. I want everyone to know that, this breed is meant to be a family member, not a fighter ! If every state passed a BSL law, there would be heart broken people, beautiful dogs…Read More

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