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End Abuse, Discrimination & Save The Lives Of Pit Bull Types

I know how many people are afraid of pit bulls. I used to be one of those. Today I fight against Breed Specific Legislation and I am asking you to pledge. I will be fighting in Washington DC on May 4th in the One Million Pibble March to stand up for pits and end BSL. Eradicating a breed and discriminating against a dog because of their breed does nothing to educate or put an end to illegal activities. Breed Restrictions only hurt responsible owners, because criminals will continue to break the law, so they will continue to have illegal breeds. And they don’t care if the dogs are confiscated and killed because they do not care about the dog’s welfare. “A Pit Bull breeder was shut down last year because Pit Bulls were banned in Topeka, Kansas. All his dogs were seized and destroyed, just for being the wrong breed at the wrong place. The man now breeds and sells African Boerboels, a rare breed from the Mastiff family, completely unknown to legislators. Unlike American Pit Bull Terriers, however, who are known for their love of people, Boerboels are serious guard dogs bred specifically as protectors. An irresponsibly bred and owned Boerboel might actually be more dangerous than an irresponsibly bred and owned Pit Bull. This is what a breed ban has accomplished in Topeka” (Pit Bulls on the Web, 2006).

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End Abuse, Discrimination & Save The Lives Of Pit Bull Types

Please pledge, sign the petition and share this post if you are against discrimination in all forms. Ban specific breeds is discrimination. We are in the 21 century and discrimination is totally wrong. Even though, discrimination still exist, it is wrong in all forms. Please get involve and work for what you believe.

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