Burning coal for electricity produces ash and sludge full of arsenic, boron, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, and selenium. Where do you think it all goes? 

That's right -- the same power plants that are causing asthma with their soot and wrecking our climate with their carbon are also dumping tons of toxic waste into our waters. They spew millions of pounds of pollutants into America's waterways every year -- and they'll keep at it as long as Reagan-era EPA rules go unchanged. 

We've come a long way since the current water pollution rule was written in 1982. We know a lot more about the toxic waste that coal plants dump into pits, ponds, lakes, and streams. We've also shown that grassroots voices like yours can have a huge impact when we all stand together and demand better protections for our families. 

We can't wait another 30 years to get this right. Tell the EPA that it's time to update our water safeguards and protect our communities against toxic coal wastewater!

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