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Give Summer Relief to a Dog in Need

For dogs who are left outside—especially those without any shelter from the elements—the broiling heat and powerful thunderstorms of summer can spell absolute misery.

One way that PETA is helping these animals is by building and delivering top-quality doghouses to dogs who would otherwise be condemned to spend their lives trapped at the end of a heavy chain or confined to a small, barren pen with no respite from the summer's worst storms and no shade from the summer's burning heat.

Through this lifesaving program, PETA provides a well-made shaded shelter that can give a lonely backyard dog desperately needed relief from the relentless summer heat and attacks by summer insects, who often pick at dogs' ears and other sensitive parts of their bodies. Even after long, sweltering days turn into bone-chilling winter nights, the durable shelter will still be there to provide what is often the only protection that these dogs will ever have.

Since we first established this program a few short years ago, we've already delivered more than 4,700 doghouses—each with a shade overhang. But now as heat indexes soar into or near triple digits in many parts of the country, the need to help these dogs is great indeed.

We're striving to raise $5,000 between now and September 7 to help dogs who will be facing the deadly summer weather without the life-changing relief of a secure place to sleep. Will you join us in helping dogs this summer by making a special donation through this cause today?

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