In 2009, PETA uncovered extensive abuse against the elephants of the Ringling Bros. circus and secretly taped it. The shocking video footage revealed that elephants were enduring beatings almost daily. These gentle mammals would be struck on the head, face, ears, trunk, and legs with bullhooks — sharp, fireplace poker–like devices.

Much of this abuse occurs seconds before they're presented to audiences filled with smiling children and families. Some of these elephants have been with the circus for 40 years, with death as their only possible escape from the pain, boredom, and filthy conditions.

This video footage is consistent with the long history of cruelty to animals that the Ringling Bros. circus has been accused of over the years, often by its own employees. Too long have these intelligent creatures endured cross-country hauls in cramped boxcars and been forced to perform under the constant threat of pain and punishment. It's time to demand action!

Join us in urging the USDA to seize these elephants from the circus and retire them to sanctuaries with hundreds of acres of natural habitat. With your help, we can stop this senseless torture, all done in the name of "entertainment," and launch a full investigation into the inhumane practices of the saddest show on Earth.

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