My own children came down with "rare" autoimmune issues that do not run in our family. Neither my husband, nor I, ever had any health problems growing up. When we found out about GMOs, we took our family off of them (for the most part) and we have seen health improvements. They are dangerous for…Read More

No human let alone a baby should be feed food that has not been tested and government certfified as safe. Monsanto are using huge amounts of pesticides I wonder if all those in the company eat their own food or would rather feed their children organic options. I know what I would and will be…Read More

Now they want to feed our babies GMO apples.

Do I smell the stench of money overriding the health of children? Companies wouldn't do that, would they? Much.

The growth of our future children depends on a healthy start, not tarnished by the corruption of profit by adding GMO to preserve a food longer for shelf life.

I make organic baby food in a sterilized environment for my grandson.

NaNa Pam (food for life)

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