I personally know how it feels to be in a domestic violence situation and feel like no one will help. Women need more options. This cannot continue to be ignored like its not a issue. I got lucky by getting out, some are not.

This campain matters to me because I have recently been a victim of domestic violence that resulted in an innocent death because of jealousy and selfishness!! Noone should experience the pain and trauma something like this causes and I will do anything I can to help and support victims of this…Read More

My mother is a victim of physical abuse~!~ She continues to be in an abusive relationship. i am afraid one day they are goin to kill each other~!~! please support this cause~!~! we can end violence`~!

Morning news anchor Jai Cunningham is dong something pretty cool to remind people that domestic violence is a real problem and happening…Read More

This campaign matters because Thou Shalt Not Kill. We should also not be ignoring the fact that our country and coutries around this world are torturing people at this very moment. Killing and torture are criminally insane. We need an army of psychiatrists to heal our broken minds before it is too…Read More

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