Morning news anchor Jai Cunningham is dong something pretty cool to remind people that domestic violence is a real problem and happening…Read More

This campaign matters because Thou Shalt Not Kill. We should also not be ignoring the fact that our country and coutries around this world are torturing people at this very moment. Killing and torture are criminally insane. We need an army of psychiatrists to heal our broken minds before it is too…Read More

Women make our future generations and we should secure our future by securing our women.

Promoting financial inclusivity for greater commercial participation – The Express Tribune

Women should be encour­aged to become primar­y decisi­on-makers. Only 2% of the women in Sindh know how to withdraw money from an ATM, compared to 27% in Punjab, 23% in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and 20% in Balochistan. PHOTO: FILE KARACHI: The ability to generate revenues within existing markets and to identify new markets and avenues to reach the…Read More

It matters to me so much cause I've pretty well spenty whole life with domestic violance and I could have been killed but I only ended with a lot of emotional scaring I am only one of few that has a lot of people die u should love without hate and violence thank u

Ben bir Müslümanım ve benim peygamberim kadınların Allahın bir emaneti olduğuu ve onlara iyi davranmamız gerektiğini söylüyor.Cennet annelerin ayakları altındadır buyuruyor sevgili hz Muhammed sav...

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