Ben bir Müslümanım ve benim peygamberim kadınların Allahın bir emaneti olduğuu ve onlara iyi davranmamız gerektiğini söylüyor.Cennet annelerin ayakları altındadır buyuruyor sevgili hz Muhammed sav...

I was a victim, until I decided to become a survivor. There are women out there that you could never tell are being abused, it doesn't just have to be physical abuse either. There are all sorts of forms of abuse, and breaking the cycle is not easy, to have an organization there to help can make…Read More

This matters to my 21 yr old daughter and a guy who was a good friend of hers was both murdered by The father of my daughters children on Oct 13,2009.They both left behind 2 young children so many people left devastated by one persons cowardness.please we need to make Domestic violence awareness a…Read More

I am a survivor of domestic violence. Too many others have not survived the abuse. It must stop! For those of us that have survived, the violence inflicted upon us has left indelible scars.

This campain matters to me because I am one of the many survivors of domestic violence. This is a huge problem in the United States and needs to be recognized properly in all media!

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