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Ezmerella Zella

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Stop Minimizing Murder!

As a victim/survivor of brutal, life changing domestic violence, resulting in permanent physiological damage as well as the mental toll and everyday struggle with PTSD, this topic hits close to home. Women are most likely to be murdered, beat, and assaulted by those closest to them and most trusted. Women who are victims of Domestic Violence, need help, support, and those to fight for them. Please help me in this cause. We all have a mother, sister, aunt, niece, daughter or other loved women in our lives. Let's do all we can to protect them!

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Wendy Carson

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Stop Minimizing Murder!

Every Woman has been touched by violence or knows someone who has been touched by violent abuse. We still live in a society that often glamorizes or makes excuses for this abusive behavior. Many societies in this world either condone this or actually encouarge this behavior making the woman the one who encited this. we as a society need to let public officalls know that we will not be silent while this is happening. Please show your support. You may be saving a life

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Mary Johnson

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Stop Minimizing Murder!

In many places around the United States and the World now-days murder is becoming a minimal charge to much; most government officials simply work out some sort of "deal" with the murderer to acquire him/her a lesser sentence in prison, providing he/she serve any time in prison at all. Many of these murders are domestic abuse perpetrators’. Why should these perpetrators’ not pay for his/her crime of taking the life of another person? My situation on the topic is that he/she needs to pay the price for murder of another human being. Personally, I believe it is time to push the laws pertaining to murder in the United States and make these murderers pay the price for taking the lives of another person.

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