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Ezmerella Zella

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Stop Minimizing Murder!

As a victim/survivor of brutal, life changing domestic violence, resulting in permanent physiological damage as well as the mental toll and everyday struggle with PTSD, this topic hits close to home. Women are most likely to be murdered, beat, and assaulted by those closest to them and most trusted. Women who are victims of Domestic Violence, need help, support, and those to fight for them. Please help me in this cause. We all have a mother, sister, aunt, niece, daughter or other loved women in our lives. Let's do all we can to protect them!

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Wendy Carson

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Stop Minimizing Murder!

Every Woman has been touched by violence or knows someone who has been touched by violent abuse. We still live in a society that often glamorizes or makes excuses for this abusive behavior. Many societies in this world either condone this or actually encouarge this behavior making the woman the one who encited this. we as a society need to let public officalls know that we will not be silent while this is happening. Please show your support. You may be saving a life

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Yogesh Saxena

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Stop Minimizing Murder!

1. What is its policy towards China with particular reference to freedom of Tibet from Chinese yoke? 2. What is its policy towards Pakistan with particular reference to the Kashmir issue? Will it immediately abolish article 370 of the Constitution conferring special status on Kashmir so that people from other states of India could settle there? 3. Does it believe in the repatriation of illegal migrants from Bangladesh to that country? 4. What is its policy towards Israel? Is it ready to sign a defence pact with that country to counter Sino-Pak axis? 5. Does it believe in two child norm to check the ever growing population and will it resort to compulsory family planning? 6. Does it believe in caste based reservation or in low income based reservations? 7. Does it favour 33% quota for women in Lok Sabha, etc. as well as in jobs? 8. Does it accept the present Lok Pal Bill or will it bring a new Jan Lok Pal Bill? 9. Does it want the Delhi police to be brought under the Delhi Government? 10. Will it bring back black money that is stashed abroad in foreign banks? 11. Will it conduct Income Tax Raids on all the big business/Industrial houses? 12. Will it conduct Customs and Excise Tax raids on all the big importers/exporters as well as big business/Industrial houses? 13. Will it take steps to check money laundering? 14. Will it take steps to stop human trafficking, child trafficking and child labour as well as bonded labour? 15. Will it build rural infrastructure and take steps for mental as well physical healthcare, ensuring sanitary conditions and safe drinking water for all? 16. Will it ensure roads, transport and electricity for all? 17. Will it ensure food storage capacity, railway wagon capacity for carrying foodgrains at the same time ensuring food, clothing and housing for all. 18. Will it undo all redundant laws of the British times and make fresh laws for the people including juveniles reducing the age of a juvenile to 14 years? 19. Will it implement the project relating to inter-linking of rivers of India and rain harvesting with a view to ensuring that all the land of India is irrigated. 20. WILL IT FORMULATE AND IMPLEMENT UNIFORM CIVIL CODE AS ENSHRINED IN THE DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA SO THAT ALL PEOPLE ARE TREATED ON EQUAL FOOTING

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