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Jesus Portillo

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Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Cir) In 2015!

I am a College student currently trying to complete my second degree. I am a full time student working a part time job. As of right now I am able to do so because I have the DACA permit to work and study here. I was brought here when I was a child. I was raised here most of my life. This immigration reform would help me out by letting me be part of the American Society in full aspect. Thank you.

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Alena Rojikova

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Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Cir) In 2015!

We live here for 15 years, it is the only home for most of our 5 kids. We didn't intended to stay, when we came for my husband's job. Kids started school here and little by little this became their home. After couple years here, with 2 youngest ones born here and kids and us speaking mainly English it was hard to move back - back to Slovakia or Costa Rica - my and my husband's native countries ???? We are very multicultural family so U.S. became for us that "neutral home" - country of many cultures, languages. Though we miss our native countries a lot, U.S. is great fit for our family - mainly because of kids. Everything got complicated when my husband's job ended because company's bankrupt and not knowingly we overstayed our visa. Once you overstay there is nothing you can do. We are for complex immigration reform, because that is the only way our situation and many similar to ours can be resolved. Our kids are very promising future for this country and they don't deserve not to have their fair chance. It is not fair to our 2 youngest, who are American citizens, that we have to struggle financially so much due to inability to officially work. PLEASE HELP US TO PASS COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM. It passed through Senate last summer, since than nothing has been done, just a lot of talking. Even DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) granted by President Obama is only PROTECTIVE status for young people here who came to this country as small children. It doesn't matter they feel and think like Americans, and this is their only real home they know, they really feel NOT WELCOMED once they graduate from HS and are not able to apply for FAFSA going to colleges, apply for many good scholarships, which are intended for U.S. citizens only (like Bill Gates, or Coca Cola) or get health insurance ... you spend $500 for application, which gives you PROTECTIVE status and SSN with work permit for 2 years, then you have to reapply and spend another $500 - if you do it without lawyer, with his fees it is easily + 1,500. Please get involved if you are for social justice. Not for us only, for future of this country. THANK YOU!

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