We are respectfully asking that the International Olympic Committee NOT allow Tokyo, Japan to host the 2020 Olympics--until the Japanese government agrees to end the brutal Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunt. Making it illegal to hunt dolphins and whales in Japan would accomplish this!

If Tokyo wants the honour of Olympic Host City status, Japan must be held accountable for allowing fishermen in Taiji to continue this unnecessary annual dolphin hunt--in the name of "tradition." There has been worldwide condemnation of this barbaric and outdated hunt since 2009. It’s 2016, and Japan STILL refuses to address and discontinue this annual slaughter. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) cannot ignore this.  Under the Environmental Mandate of the Olympic Charter, which governs the IOC, it is required to 'encourage and support a responsible concern for environmental issues,' which means that the IOC & the Japanese Olympic Committee are OBLIGATED to address the extremely significant environmental issue of the unsustainable Whale & Dolphin hunts in Japan. Up to 20,000 marine animals are slaughtered, by various methods, throughout Japan. It is OUR job to ensure that they do THEIR job correctly, and abide by their own mandates.


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