Porque no tienen razones de suma necesidad para llevar a cabo lo que hacen; no lo hacen por fines naturales, sino que por pura codicia...

These mammals are thinking feeling creatures, and have every right to live their full measure of life on this earth, free as nature intended. The reason they are hunted does not hold water, as their are plenty of alternatives to what they produce from their carcasses. Japan, such a modern country,…Read More

This is what is happening in Japan right now. So sad that they got the 2020 Olympic nomination. Can we still urge them to stop the hunting…Read More


The Huffington Post UK
Shocking new undercover images have shown the distressing moment a pod of Pilot Whales were slaughtered in a cove in Japan. Trapped with no escape, the helpless creatures are pictured clinging close to one another as they spent their remaining few hours together before being dragged to shore and butchered. Undercover photos revealed the…Read More

This is a great article about Shona's hard work on this campaign.

Meet the Scottish mum behind campaign bidding to block Japan's 2020 Olympic bid unless dolphin massacre is banned

IN her Glasgow home, single mother Shona Lewendon is juggling the care of her three boisterous sons with masterminding a global campaign to save the dolphin. In the midst of a passionate tirade of indignation over Japan’s slaughter of dolphins, she is interrupted by her three-year-old’s desire to show her the shiny apple he is eating. Luckily,…Read More