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Salomeh Dastyari Diaz

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End Whale & Dolphin Hunts By Japan

Whales and dolphins are magical beings that live in our oceans. Our oceans are becoming more acidic and its whole biosphere has surpassed the tipping point. The whale and dolphin hunting doesn't help. Japan keeps saying that their hunting and mass killings is for the purpose of 'scientific research'. They've been feeding this 'crap' to our media for years and no sustainable action is being taken to address this critical issue. I remember hearing these one liners on the Australian TV stations and feeling so helpless and frustrated . Through documentaries and opportunities to hear first hand, we know that whale and dolphin meat is available in the Japanese groceries and super markets. The population consumes these animals and there is a cultural element here. The problem is the unsustainable practice of this killing. Animals are highly 'intelligent'. The word intelligent and smart is relative. They are far more in touch with their body, environment and feelings that we could ever imagine. We as the human race are getting reconnected to nature, to our own instincts and to our hearts. This is the gift of animal spirits to human beings. They are our teachers and healers. They remind us of what its like to live in love. I wish to see Japan (and other countries who do the same practice) end this practice and the 2020 Olympics is an opportunity to revive this initiative. This behavior change can possibly come through two avenues: international pressure and their own society's behavior change which starts with raising consciousness and education. Please sign if you feel compelled. There is plenty of information on the internet on this practice which is often referred to as inhumane, illegal and unsustainable. You can look into: blue voice, whale and dolphin watch and wise oceans. The world is in need of your vision of more kindness, creativity, courage, and love. So step out and be the one who sets a new path. Make a dent in the universe, prove what can be. The power is in you, it's in all of us. With Gratitude, Salomeh

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Jayson Valencia

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End Whale & Dolphin Hunts By Japan

Japan should not have the honor of hosting the Olympic Games while it continues to slaughter one of the planets most intelligent beings, Dolphins. Dolphin meat is not labeled correctly and is deliberately doing so to fool the public into eating dolphin meat. Sifting out a few dolphins for sale to amusement parks and hotels and then slaughtering thousands is barbaric and disgusting. Japan should simply be banned from ever being considered for the Olympic Games while continuing these practices.

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