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How to help shelter Jamaica's persecuted LGBT youths

No place like home: LGBT youths forced to live in the sewers. (Photo courtesy of Michael Forbes) Activists and other concerned citizens in Jamaica are working to build support for a shelter for homeless LGBT youths who have sought refuge in the sewers after being driven out of their family homes and out of abandoned buildings. Their project is…Read More


Collinsville students learn about anti-gay epidemic in Jamaica | Education | News Democrat

Maurice Tomlinson, with aids-free world, uses a world map to discuss the cost and logistics of securing a visa to leave Jamaica. Tomlinson spoke to Collinsville High School students about the documentary "The Abominable Crime." The documentary explores the culture of homophobia in Jamaica through the eyes of gay Jamaicans who are forced to choose…Read More

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Gay rights activists protest against Bruce Golding in NY - News

Jamaica Observer
GAY rights activists from the Jamaica Anti-Homophobia Stand group on Tuesday night staged a protest in New York City against a speech given by Jamaica's former Prime Minister Bruce Golding at the Schomburg Center. Golding's talk was part of the Caribbean International Network (CIN) Lecture Series. The vociferous protesters lined the sidewalk…Read More

THis is an update made by JFLAG, a human rights group that advocates for the rights of Jamaica's LGBT minority. It has the latest update on…Read More

Constitutional Challenge of the Buggery Law (Update II)

Constitutional Challenge of the Buggery Law (Update II) October 8, 2013 by editor  Today, October 8, 2013, the third case management hearing relating to the constitutional challenge to the “Buggery Law” brought by Javed Jaghai was held. The court issued a ruling on the applications made by the Attorney General (of Jamaica) to have…Read More

This article was written by Javed, a real insight into his experience as a gay Jamaican. ("batiman" is a very derogatory Jamaican language…Read More

the batiman bleeds

the batiman bleeds I have never been able to stay away from St. Mary for too long. For six years, I returned religiously for three months every summer even though I was largely grounded at home, without Internet. My circumstances forced me to be with myself away from the intrusion of chatter on social media. My return to Jamaica each year was…Read More
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