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i don't understand!~ have we learned nothing from our past. have we not lost enough animal species through our own quest for money,our greed and our allowing others to exercise their own brand of COWARDICE under the misleading title of "hunting". take note, dimwits , you're time is gonna come(led zeppelin) . hey tony(the pants pissing coward) makris, you want label me a terrorist,liken me to hitler-----you are a fucking mudslide of shit, not worthy of being referred to as human! hitler could have learned from you. if you ever make into the history book(impossible,of course) they will put an asterisk next to your name where your imaginary testicles used to be!!!!

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Gail Amyot

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This cause / lcampaign means a great deal to me - I have given over 30 years of my life to working voluntarily to bring awareness to the plight of Rhino , mainly in Zimbabwe, but now all over the world. Most urban people have no idea of what it takes to look after these ancient survivors. Certain of them are territorial and poachers know this, making them easy targets. The White Rhino is not as aggressive as others and that is their weakness. They need large tracts of land - another factor. Certain species cannot cope with disturbances in their daily existence and flee to secret gullies and gorges or remote areas. Particular types of vegetation are required - not always easily available. Then there is the cost and danger of anti- poaching patrols- my heroes these men and even women these days in the efforts to save these creatures. Please think seriously and deeply all you good people.,, LEGAL TRADE ONLY WORKS UNTIL THE EXISTING STOCKS RUN OUT. Might I humbly add that I attended the CITES conference in KYOTO in 1994 as a delegate. I wish I had all the answers - I do not even after all these years - but I continue to work and care - each one of us counts. Thank you Gail Sandra Amyot- Zimbabwe.

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