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Become A Gun Violence Voter In 2014

Venezuela has been an oil rich country since the start of the XX Century and the number # 1 provider of oil to the United States for many years. Since 1998 a former military Lt. Colonel with outright communist formation/infiltration in the Venezuela Armed Forces led to a fail coup in 1992 that gave him an immense popularity do to political discontent. He won fair and square de 1998 election and from then on rigged every election since the to remain in power. This monster died one year ago a self appointed a heir as The Queen of England. His equally inept successor has continued the Chávez policies that have led to hunger, death and torture of peaceful University student and civil unarmed civilians, by terrorist attacks and oppression of the Venezuela National Guard headed by the communist puppet regime of Nicolás Maduro appointed president by the late dictador HUGO CHAVEZ and backed/supported by the G-2 Cuban Agency, violating the Venezuelan Constitution and thus becoming a communist oppressive dictador and using the oil rich resources of Venezuela to further the further growth of leftist and outright communist dictatorships in Central and South America. Meanwhile the communist regime has led Venezuela to economic colapse, decrease oil production and massive foreign debt mainly to Russia and China that has sold obsolete armament to Venezuela who in turn gives it away to narco terrorists in Central and South America. Venezuela is today bankrupt and we don't even have food, medicines or medical equipment or toilette paper. Support freedom of communism that is alive and kicking in Rusia under Vladimir Putin former head of the KGB and President of Russia with expansion aspirations as we ave seen in Ucrania in the last 30 days plus the invasion of Crimea. Please help by writing to the United Nations, Organization of American States, ruled by a leftist majority in USA sponsored and economic support of the USA, and to the White House and US Congress. I alert you that this communist regime has the support as such people as Sean Penn, Danny Glover and Oliver Stone that has just finished a movie about Hugo Chávez bankrolled by Venezuela. Also an expensive lobby in Washington and a self proclaimed advocate and self serving US woman that goes by the name of Eva Golinger. STOP THE GROWTH OF THIS BUBONIC DISEASE OF COMMUNISM AND NEW AND MORE DANGEROUS COLD WAR! Please sign te petition. GOD BLESS YOUR HEART!

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Become A Gun Violence Voter In 2014

On her birthday, my daughter had a handgun pointed inches from her face while being robbed on a street in Philadelphia. The absurd claim made by the NRA's Executive V.P., Wayne LaPierre, that "a good person with a gun stops a bad person with a gun" is a bankrupt and dishonest point of view, as my adult daughter and her adult male friend were approached quietly and quickly from behind and IF they had ANY sort of firearm, it would've been impossible to defend themselves with it. Rather, what weapons they might have had would now be used committing more crimes! What is needed in NOT more guns. We need universal background checks for all firearms sold in the United States, a policy which is supported by over 85% of Americans and a majority of NRA members. We need RESPONSIBLE firearm ownership and purchasing procedures, whose absolute primary priority is to PREVENT firearms from falling into the hands of criminals. The time is now to stop these needless killings and maimings!

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