Clare Carey

Dear Marissa, I heard your story and was moved by your choice to fire a warning shot against your attacker, rather than a fatal one. The fact that you were then punished for this brave, reasonable choice, when someone else who made the opposite choice was aquitted, is unacceptable to me. I stand…Read More

Ken Riggs

It's simple, right is right, wrong is wrong

James Williams
James Williams Campaign leader

Powerful words from Jasiri X. We will not let our voices whisper. We stand with you Marissa, and our strength will not falter until you are…Read More

James Williams
James Williams Campaign leader

“Get ready, Jacksonville, because Free Marissa Now, New Jim Crow, and many other civil rights groups are fighting back. No longer will…Read More

Free Marissa Now Statement on Michael Dunn Verdict

Jordan Davis *Today, on what would have been Jordan Davis‘s 19th birthday, Free Marissa Now and our more than 17,500 supporters send love and support to Jordan Davis’ parents, family, and community. Although Michael Dunn was found guilty of attempted murder of three black teenagers who survived his racist entitlement and violent attack, a…Read More

Dear Marissa,

You are on the minds and in the hearts of thousands upon thousands of people. I am so sorry our justice system has failed you. I can only hope that your case will be the tipping point that finally turns these barbaric laws around. God bless you and send you strength to get through…Read More

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