They Marched to #EndMonsanto

  • Update #5

They marched in Hamburg, Germany. They chanted in Sydney, Australia. They carried banners and waved signs in London and Los Angeles, and in Lancaster, Penn. and Cape Town, South Africa.  On Saturday, May 24, hundreds of thousands of people, in about 420…Read More

Follow the Honey

  • Update #4

What with Monsanto's Honeybee Advisory Council and Bayer's Bee Care Centers, you might think the world's largest pesticide-makers were too busy caring about bees to manufacture or use the pesticides that kill them.    Not true, of course. Here's what is…Read More

Turning Up the Heat on Monsanto

  • Update #2

It was a good week for OCA’s anti-Monsanto activists. Their protests, in Washington D.C. and Chicago, drew crowds, generated media coverage and did what protests do: Drew attention to the destruction wrought by greedy corporations like Monsanto that have…Read More

Stick It to Monsanto!

  • Update #1

Can’t think of a better way to celebrate World Food Day than to stick it to Monsanto. En masse. Two groups - March against Monsanto and and Moms Across America - are targeting the Biotech Bully during the week of October 12 – 18. No strangers to Monsanto…Read More