It's great that Michelle Obama wants kids to jump around and eat healthful foods. But you would think that with all the attention focused on childhood obesity, the havoc it wreaks on kids' health, the impact on IQ, the long-term economic consequences of a lifetime of medications for obesity-related conditions like diabetes and heart disease, Mrs. Obama wouldn't limit her lecturing to parents and kids.

How about lecturing the corporate ad guys who shamelessly target kids with their colorful cartoon characters and catchy jingles, in an attempt to get kids to hound their parents to buy more highly processed, sugar-laden, additive-heavy junk foods? Better yet, how about banishing those ads?

Not long ago, nine-year old Hannah Robertson caused a media stir when she stood up at a McDonald's shareholders meeting and asked CEO Don Thompson a few pointed questions about the hamburger chain's junk food and advertising policies. Mr. Thompson's responses? Woefully inadequate, even by a nine-year old's standards.

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