Como os tornados têm efeitos devastadores e arruínam a vida das pessoas, não queiram que estas crianças entrem nesta espiral destrutiva.…Read More

Boycott the Traitor Brands!

Why is this so hard for our representatives to understand. We want to know so that we can make informed decisions about what we eat. Not…Read More

| Genetically Engineered Foods/Tell FDA to Label

We Have the Right To Know Most Americans haven’t been told about some of the ingredients that are in the food they eat. So it's no wonder that 92% of Americans want to label genetically engineered foods. If more of us speak out about why we care about the food we put in our own bodies and in our children's bodies, then we can convince the…Read More

There are some great articles on on Monsanto, GMO'S and Human DNA, Gardening, Organic Foods, and more. God…Read More

Freedom is the choice, if the GMO's are not labeled then we no longer have the choice therefore losing our freedom...if GMO's were such a good thing then there should be no worries about labeling products,...since they refuse to all their doing is confirming what we already know , that GMO's are…Read More

64 Countries have banned GMO's... 828 Scientists signed a Petition against GMO's and sent it to Leaders world wide back in 2000 ( and they were totally ignored... thousands of farmers commited suicide in India because they couldn't afford the cost of seed and pesticide…Read More

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