No matter how resilient or how well a child copes, the scars of child maltreatment leave a lasting imprint.  Every childhood should be free of this burden, positioned to reach their fullest potential.  Though we can't remove every obstacle or provide every opportunity, we can be sure that we've done all we can to make children a national priority.

Federal funding streams like Child Welfare Services, Promoting Safe and Stable Families, the Social Services Block Grant, Head Start, and the Child Care and Development Block Grant provide services that strengthen families. Some of the services help children learn while parents are working, others strengthen families at risk of abuse and neglect, while others promote new permanent families for children who have experienced maltreatment.  If the automatic cuts scheduled for March 1st are not stopped by Congress, then these child maltreatment prevention programs will lose funding.

These charts show just how much less money would be available in each state for these services: Behind the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for each program in each state are children and families who will be put on another waiting list when seeking help. They will be turned away when in crisis. They will be at increased risk when something could have been done.

We can't remove every obstacle, but we can call on our Congressional leaders to ensure that these opportunities for vulnerable children and struggling families to find stability are not weakened. Sign the petition to stop the March 1st sequester, because these cuts won't heal for the children and families who would have received services.

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