I loss my son Antwuan Devon Alexander in a car accident he was 21 years old and i want to aware people that wearing seat belts and doing the speed limited can save lives and also you have to drive for yourself and others there are so many people lossing there loved ones in a major car wreck, Im a…Read More

آسية امرأة فرعون
هي آسية بنت مزاحم بن عبيد الديان بن الوليد الذي كان فرعون مصر في زمن يوسف- عليه الصلاة السلام- وقيل إنها كانت من بني إسرائيل من سبط موسى- عليه الصلاة السلام- وقيل بل كانت عمته .
كانت تعيش في أعظم القصور وأفخمها إذ كان قصرها مليئاً بالجواري والعبيد والخدم أي أنها كانت تعيش حياة…Read More

This was something that should have never happened. The country and the world can never forget! People need to be reminded of the loss, changes need to be made. I am just amazed that it is this hard to push for a tougher gun law. How many more children? Are their precious guns that important, more…Read More

I lost my 14 year old in 1998 in an accident due to another's carelessness. My heart breaks for these and every other parent who has lost a child, no matter the reason. Dec 5 will mark 15 years and the pain never goes away. My heartfelt prayers for all parents who've lost their child during this…Read More

We sharie hearts linked with love... My only Son Adam J. Lewis was killed on 9/11/2001...

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